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When considering an IT strategy businesses have several models from which to choose: on-premises, “Cloud”-based (also known as software as a service, or SaaS), and a “hybrid” combination. Finding the right solutions to meet business needs gets more complex as the ecosystem of business and technology becomes more diverse.

ITTCI also recognize the complexity and challenges that unified communications and collaboration brings. You need someone with the understanding, credentials and experience to combine voice, networking, messaging, collaboration tools, video and web technology in a way that brings you immediate business value.
As companies work to define their IT strategy and explore the benefits of UC in their enterprise they must not overlook the importance of IT security. Addressing the information technology security requirements must be accomplished with full consideration of the risk tolerance of the organization in light of the potential impacts, cost, schedule, and performance issues associated with the acquisition, deployment, and operation of the system.

ITTCI strong team of consultants offers a unique blend of industry certifications and experience. We combine industry-leading design and architecture services with experience-based implementation, custom-developing solutions that help you integrate disparate communications applications into a seamless user experience quickly and effectively.